Specials, Soups, and Salads


(For our guests 11 yrs. & younger)



Chicken Fingers w/ Fries          $8

Vegetable Tempura                  $8  

Hot Dogs with Fries                   $8

French Fries                             $5

Kid Chicken Noodle Soup        $5


Rice                                         $2.50

Brown Rice                              $2.00

Jasmine Rice                           $1.50  

Steamed Noodles                    $5

Steamed Vegetables               $5


Thai Iced Tea / Coffee             $3       

Sparkling Water                      $4 / $6

Bottled Water                          $4 / $6

Soda                                       $2.50

Juices                                     $2.50

Unsweetened Ice Tea             $2 

Hot Tea Pot                            $3 / $6

Hot Coffee                              $2.50

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(Only Between 11:30am to 3:00pm)



SAMPLER PLATTER TRIO                                                                  $15.25

Chicken Sate, Chicken Curry Puffs, and Vegetable Spring rolls.


CRISPY DUCK SALAD                                                                         $11.95

Roasted duck tossed withjulienne apple, onions,

peanut and Thai dressing.

CHICKEN DUMPLINGS                                                                       $6.50

Served with house dipping sauce.

STEAMED MUSSELS (Gluten Free)                                                     $10

Served in lemongrass broth, and Thai basil.



CRISPY PAN FRIED SALMON                                                                $11.50

Served with light caramel sauce and truffle oil on

a bed of sauteed spinach.

ESSENCE SALMON CURRY (Gluten Free)                                          $11.50

Grilled salmon topped with green curry sauce.

DUCK HONEY                                                                                        $11.50

Roasted crispy duck topped with our

honey ginger sauce and Asian greens.

ESSENCE DUCK CURRY                                                                      $11.50

Roasted Crispy duck topped with pineapple, basil,

panang curry sauce.

FRESH CRABMEAT FRIED RICE                                                           $11.50

Served with fresh crabmeat, egg, and mixed vegetables.


(Monday - Thursday 5:00
pm to 9:00pm)

(Friday 5:00pm to 10:00pm)


SAMPLER PLATTER TRIO                                                                 $18

Chicken Sate, Chicken Curry Puffs, and Vegetable Spring rolls.

THAI ANGEL WINGS (Gluten Free)                                                    $7

Crispy chicken wings tossed with your choice of sweet

and spicy wing sauce or Sesame sauce.

STEAMED MUSSELS (Gluten Free)                                                  $10

Served with lemongrass garlic, basil and lime leaves.


(** Gluten free. Spicy level 1,2 or 3)

CRYSTAL SHRIMP PINEAPPLE                                                         $19.50

Pan fried jumbo shrimp topped with garlic, shallots

and pineapple sauce.

SIZZLING SALMON (Gluten Free)                                                     $21.50   

With minced shrimps, scallops, shallots, and garlic. 

Served with sauteed spinach.

CHILEAN SEA BASS                                                                            $28.95

Served on a bed of vegetables tempura and topped

with tamarind sauce.

RACK OF LAMB (Gluten Free)                                                          $28.95

Served with sauteed roasted garlic, mushrooms,

dice tomatoes, fresh chili and basil.

SALT AND PEPPER SHRIMP GARLIC                                                 $21.50

Jumbo shrimp in aromatic spices with roasted garlic

and scallions, served with Romaine lettuce

CRISPY PAN FRIED SALMON                                                            $21.50
With light caramel sauceand truffle oil on a bed of 

sauteed spinach. 


RUBY TUNA                                                                                       $22.95

Pan seared tuna served with teriyaki ginger sauce. 

SHRIMP RAMA (Gluten Free)                                                            $21.50

Grilled jumbo shrimps served with sauteed spinach topped

with roasted peanuts, fried shallots, and peanut sauce.