Thai Essence Restaurant New Jersey

Appetizers & Desserts


(For our guests 11 yrs. & younger)



Chicken Fingers w/ Fries        $8

Vegetable Tempura                  $6

Hot Dogs with Fries                 $8

French Fries                             $5

Kid Chicken Noodle Soup       $5


Sticky Rice                               $2.50

Brown Rice                              $2.00

Jasmine Rice                           $1.50  

Steamed Noodles                    $5

Steamed Vegetables               $5


Thai Iced Tea / Coffee             $3       

Sparkling Water                      $4 / $6

Bottled Water                          $4 / $6

Soda                                         $2.50

Juices or Milk                         $2.50

Unsweetened Ice Tea             $2 

Hot Tea Pot                            $3 / $6

Hot Coffee                              $2.50


Appetizers Menu



CHICKEN SATE                                                                                
Marinated chicken with coconut milk, tumeric curry,

and Thai herbs, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

​DIM SIM                                                                                           

Steamed Thai ravioli stuffed with fresh crab meat and shrimp,

served with Worcestershire dipping sauce.

CHICKEN DUMPLINGS                                                                   

Steamed chicken dumplings served with house garlic-soy dipping.

VEGETABLE THAI SPRING ROLLS                                                    
Served with sweet peach dipping sauce

CRABMEAT PANCAKE                                                                      
Pan fried fresh crabmeat, sacallions, and taro topped with

avocado salsa and sweet peach sauce.

GOLDEN CURRY PUFF                                                                      

Baked puff pastry stuffed with chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots,

onions, and curry poweder. Served with cucumber salad.

(GF) SEARED TUNA SASHIMI                                                                                                   Served with citrus salad and mustard ginger sauce.

FRIED CALAMARI                                                                             
Crisply fried calamari served with Thai sweet and sour sauce.

FRESH BASIL ROLLS                                                                        
Carrots, shiitake mushroom, romaine lettuce, thai basil and

mint wrapped in thin rice paper served with Hoi Sin sauce.

THAI SALAD                                                                                                   $6

With Thai peanut dressing                         

PAPAYA SALAD                                                                                              $9

With shrimp, tomatoes, string beans and garlic tossed with lime

juice and Thai condiments

TOM YOM KOONG                                                                                        $6

Sour and spicy shrimp soup with lemongrass and mushrooms

TOM Ka Kai                                                                                                   $6

A gentle combination of chicken, coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal

and mushrooms

Desserts Menu

CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE                                                                                 $8
Warm Grand Marnier style Chocolate Souffle, a real favorite.

CREME BURLEE                                                                                            $7

FRIED HONEY BANANA                                                                                $7

Served with Honey and Vanilla Ice Cream.

CARAMELIZED BANANA                                                                              $7

Served with caramel sauce and Ginger Ice Cream.

FRIED ICE CREAM                                                                                         $7

Served with Raspberry Sauce.

WARM APPLE CREPES                                                                                 $7

Served with Raspberry sauce and Raspberry Sherbet.

WARM BANANA CREPES w/ CHOCOLATE SAUCE                                    $7

Served with Vanilla Ice Cream.

STICKY RICE w/ MANGO                                                                               $7


STICKY RICE w/ ICE CREAM                                                                         $5.50

ICE CREAM and SHERBET                                                                            $3.50

The Pot of Tea

EARL GREY                                             

One of the most popular black tea blends, made from

bergamot fruit and Jasmine. Very rich in anti-oxidants.

GREEN TEA                                             

Made from traditional green tea leaves, rich in anti-oxidants.

WILD BLOSSOMS BERRIES                                              

Caffeine-Free, a well balanced tart and sweet herbal infusion.

Soothing and calming.

CHOCOLATE MINT TRUFFLE                                             

Intoxicating blend of chocolate cacao, mints and rooibos.


A house favorite, made from green tea leaves and mixed

with fresh Jasmine flowers.


OOLONG TEA                                             

Soothing and delicious way to end your meal healthfully.

PINEAPPLE KONA POP                                             

Candied pineapple pieces, apple pieces, natural flavoring, rose blossom leaves, rosebuds, marigold blossoms and orange blossoms.

















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